See how the City of Elk City's investment in youth activities is paying huge dividends in terms of dollars and visitors to our community!

Check out our list of sports

Want to enroll your child in our sports nonprofit? We have a variety of sports for them to choose from. They'll enjoy spending their days playing:

  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Basketball
  • Flag football
Every child deserves an outlet to have fun with friends while also learning about the importance of physical education. Contact us immediately to sign your child up for one of our sports programs.

Learn more about Kids, Incorporated of Elk City

Kids, Incorporated of Elk City, in partnership with the city of Elk City, exists to serve as a centralized resource center and service provider of amateur sports programs for children and families in Elk City and the surrounding Western Oklahoma region.

Our charge is to make sure that any child who has a desire to participate in a youth sports program is afforded the opportunity to do just that! With support from quality youth coaches, game officials and additional volunteers, Elk City will continue to be a regional leader in the youth sports industry. Call now to speak with us about our sports programs.

Concussion Protocol

Our commercial insurance carrier requires us to have a concussion protocol in place should an injury ever occur where a concussion is suspected or even a remote possibility. Here is our policy:

In the event that an injury occurs during a Kids, Incorporated sponsored activity, and where a possible head injury is involved, the Kids, Incorporated office should be notified immediately. Generally, our paid officials will contact our office should an event of this nature occur.

Kids, Incorporated will require a "Permission To Return" document from a licensed, medically-trained professional, before allowing the player to participate in future scheduled activities.

If you have any questions about this policy, please contact our office at 580-374-4332.